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so... today i thought about moving out. i want to move out so bad.. i think i want to live alone... i feel it will be too hard to adapt to anyone elses morals or ideals. i mean its sort of the same with relationhips, you put two completely differant peple, with differant experiaces, differant morals, differant family backgrouns, differant opinions... you put them togeather and you expect them to fit perfectly.... or too agree.. or to stand eachother.. uhh cha right.. anyway.. so moving out... by myself since im ery hard to get along with when it comes to a living situation. so i want to get an apartment.. and then a doggie.. i want a bestfriend.. a dog thatll go everywhere with me.. riding shotgun in my car... sleeping in my bed.. watching movies and tvs with me.. taking walks at all hours of the night and day to think and relax... a dog that partys with me and leaves the room when im having sex.. lol...
anywho.. i think just this alone would make me so much happier in general.. anyway..
so i finished my book, "my friend leonard".. which im not sure if you purnounce LEO-NARD or LEN-ARD????? i pre fer leo-nard... fits his character considering hes a mobster... anyway.. i cried all too often in this book.. its sad when books make you cry and movies dont..
anyway amazing book... go buy a million little peices and then my firend leonard... both wrote by james frey..

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