a_painted_life (a_painted_life) wrote,

i have a new friend.

his name is ruka. he is from paris.
im excited. he is actually from china but in paris for some thing im not quite sure. he doesnt speak very good english but hes reading all of my blogs on myspace... which means he is reading hundreds of poems. he says he is always very tired and hates using the dictionary but that he loves my writing and has been reading it for six hours... looking up words in his biligual dictionary... :]
i have a fan in another country. this excites me. especially to have a fan in paris.
im going to trade addresses with him. and we are going to exchange photos and poems.. since he writes poetry too.. even though its in chinese or what not..
IM EXCITES you people have no clue..
this means i get pictures of paris.. I GET PICTURES FROM PARIS.. this means i have connections in paris now... holy fucking shit.. maybe ill buy a plane ticket and go to fucking paris ! ! !

heres a quick poem from yesterday or what not.

turkey without gravy,
they say.
no. no. no.
they hold their chests,
spliting spleens,
barking like animals.
bowls and balls.
pins and pens.

a fucking thousand flying thoughts.
"you punch walls. you take your meds with a side of cough syrup.
you lack coughs and sanity,"
she tells me.
"ive got a good psyc....."

the closest idea to self destruction in public;
sour skittles.
my mouth burns from cuts and tastes of blood
as i tongue the top, insides of my mouth.
lost somewhere
picking up
the spare

anyway.. im so excited about my paris friend.
i mean.. paris... fucking france.. how awesome is that!?!?!?
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