a_painted_life (a_painted_life) wrote,

how have i been, you ask?

you can all now jubilate for here is a short update on my progress in life.
i a currently reading Humanist Manifestos I and II, which obviously the title gives you some insight into what its about. also working on memorizing the voltaires candide for philosophy. i started class like a week or so ago. im not quite sure exactly when. its nice. fun. a little tiring at times but for the most part i enjoy the challenges. keeps my mind off of other less important, but more depressing, issues.
english is a heavy load that will end soon but daily kicks me in the head by having to write an essay nightly.
other than this the only thing thats worrying me is the magazine the deadline is saturday and needs to be printed yet my check that i cashed today is already below two hundred... which is no good...
thats all folks
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